Thank You Followers

January 10, 2010

I pity of youuu !


I admit in our life we don't stalk about other people's life right? Plus kawan and kenal dgn ramai org kan? mcm mcm ragam, not even me. Facebook friends, blogger, myspace or some other networking nowadays. I posting this blog especially for silent killer, silent readers. Hah, sorry i'm not interested with all that stupid things. I have a alot of things to do, so wasting my time layan org mcm tuh.. mesti dia rasa mcm whoaa that gurl sakit ati dgn i. ha-ha-ha. pity you dear stalker! Oh i think maybe she will be happy when she act like that. okay okay, go aheaddd yeah. and good luck. huu. And one thing, ohhh ya i know my life is maybe not "PERFECT" like yours... But at least i know where I stand :) Im just being who am i. but, dont aib people's life like you okay. Do you think i stalk at you?? F.Y.I, i dont feel to stalk you. stop being childish and bitch okay. I really do hate you okay. sighhh. jangan perasan sgtlahh. haha. Im the one who being stalker, tapi perlu ke cakap pasal dia. hot ker? menarik ke? forfularr? OMG!

Btw, try harder again and again! Good Luck !! :))

January 8, 2010

He's leaving :(

Sayang, eventho u're not around with me here,
u will always closer into my heart. I just want u to know..

" To be strong like a strong women, i must have you as my strength "

January 1, 2010

I have toooooo !


Ohh, damn. Perutku becoming muncit. tidak, tidak , ohh tidak! Oh, look now I think I have to slowly avoid my eating. My sayang says, "sayang u're getting fatter?!". But some peoples says that Im look fine at all. Aishh, u guys tak tengok betol-betol nih. hahaha..

I also have double chin now, this is what happened when I am too lazy for exercises and control my eating habit, lols ;) Btw, HELLO crazy diet here I come. Haha