Thank You Followers

April 30, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, Follow Your Heart .
Follow Your Love .

Yes, my dear Fariz Najib . I will follow u as long as u love & need me ;)
So, for bloggers all the best in everything.

April 29, 2010

Hi-Tea Pertunjukkan Fesyen & Trend Busana Muslim Kontemporari (Hi-Fes)

Date : 17th of April 2010
Hyeee, btw mesti ramai wondering sejak bila pulak yaya terlibat benda benda mcm ni kan?
Haha, ini kebetulan sahaja. Seorang kawan saya yg baik hati, telah invite & offered me to be one of her model masa "Hi-Tea Pertunjukkan Fesyen & Busana Muslimah" di Shah Alam dua minggu lepas. Ohh, sgt seronok. Dapat jumpa rakan2 blogger, rakan2 facebook. Selain tuw, dapat belajar tips2 selendang and etc.

. Before Makeover .
Me is no make up at all .
Jom layan gambaaa ;)

. After we makeover .
Make up : Rina Salleh
Busana : RinaSalleh Collection

p/s : tengok muka selepas di makeover. sentuhan solekan rina salleh it's so awesome ;))

While waiting our turn. Out of muslimah pose. Haha ;)

What a lovely experienced ;)
Thanks !
Credit for Rina Salleh

*ciumpeloks *

Sayangness ;)

My sayanggg
Hee, harini dia akan dapat kawan baruu!
Hihi ;D

April 28, 2010

Charles & Keith

Their shoes, shades, handbags & other accessories wasn't bad at all .
I really love their stuff and price is ok .
I think it's suitable for student like me, haha ;)
And seriously its really confy.
The boutique is in Pavilion, Mid Valley and I heard @OU also have.
Saje nak shared with u guys. I tak mampu nak beli mahal2 lagi. hihi ;D
Tggu lah next round bila sudah kerja.

p/s : okay kan?! Mahal tak mahal tak penting,
But as long as u confy to wear it. ;))

* ciumpeloks *

Can I Get This? ;)

loving thiss .
I've seen this heels on my friends picture ;)
I adored like this heels .
Where this form?! :
. Stylish . Trendy .

*ciumpeloks *

April 16, 2010

At Geo's Hartamas ;)

I will remembered every single things u do for me. Well I do love like this celebrations and will continue on doing this till my last breath. Finally, YESS! He totally shocked and speechless. LIVERPOOL, "Never Walk Alone" ;) like my sayang said. haha ;)

Special for u, Chocolate Indulgence cake with Liverpool printed logo. Printed only, NO hands decorations ;) I love you, sayang ;)

Liverpool's cake from me ;) Sayang really like it this cake! And I'm super duper love it! ;)

Yeayyy you're 22nd now ;D

He told me that, he never celebrated his birthday like this before. Because, almost 4 years his being single. So hunney, no wonder la takda org yg nak buatkan utk you. sigh! Selamat potong kek ;) Chocolate Indulgence jeee, hihi ;)

Saya yg sangat busy haritu. sigh, penat tangan. tapi seronok ;)
Candid from fifiey. Thanks bro !

I gathered all his close friend.
Thanks for u guys for coming this surprised party !

April 15, 2010

Celebration his birthday at Garden Cafe, The Curve :)

This is all what happened at Garden, The Curve. I told him to dress up comel-comel to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He thought that we are going to celebrated it just two of us. He didn't know, after we are having dinner together, surprisingly I already gathered his sibling and friends at Geo's Hartamas. The story I will updated once I get the picture from mr. cameraman ;) Hihi. Excitedd tengok muka teruja syg. YESS, plan saya menjadi ;)

This is mr. birthday boy. Love you always. Hope god will give long lasting relationship. Insya'Allah. Amin ;)

Theme is red equals to LIVERPOOL ;) Tapi shyg plan nak pakai putih. So i combined white with red. Hihi ;) Okay kan?!

I hope also sayang will enjoyed the dinner. Everything's great last nite aite. I will continue do this celebration till my last breath as long as u love me. Pls do save our relationship.

Masa ni shyg sgt terharu, dalam masa yg sama gembira. Hope u like it the card and also the present. Actually last two months he already listed what he want during his birthday. One of that is this wallet quicksilver. Soorry dear, i cannot give u more than this. Sebab i tak kerja lagii. Haha. Next round lah eh, hihi ;)

Will continue updated this celebration with his buddies at Hartamas!. WAITT taw!
Everything's for you! ♥ ;)