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December 25, 2009

Blast Birthday, superbbb ;)

HELLO YELLOW MELLOWW ;) haha yes, yesterday i have spend celebrating my 22nd birthday at Geo's, Hartamas. The surprised party from my boyfiee, thanks. I don't expect all my dearly friends ada kat sana. It's really surprised me. And I had reaally blast yesterday, plus on 25th Dec is Christmas Day so lagi lah meriah. Im loving it sayang.

Btw, i wished a lot of thanks to sayang and all my beloved friends. And thanks also for the presents that had u guys give it to me. Thanks for the cake also ;) urghh, banyaknya nak wish thanks ni. dah mcm artis pulop, poyoo jer. hahaha ;) . Anyway, doakan kebahagian yaya and semoga dimurahkan rezeki dari-Nya selalu. aminn .

December 24, 2009

Birthday - Shisha Heights, Damansara :)

I wished a lot of thanks to azkia & ida for the birthday cake .
And thanks also for shisha heights too . and to all friends puteri, dafi, fiza, shrek and my lover ayiz. I really love it and enjoy it :))
love you guys

December 18, 2009

Proud !!

Wohooo !
Results : 1 - 0
Place : Shisha Heights, Damansara
MOOD : Sangat happy tak terkata !

♥ ♥ ♥

December 13, 2009

Pullman Hotel & Resorts :)

Hey dear blogger friends. Yesterday, me and my family went to Pullman Hotel & Resorts, Putrajaya. We are happy cos finally we managed to find some time to hanging out together even just a lunch time. it's so meaningful to us. thanks abah.. :))

Family day out. we are having lunch time at pullman hotel & resorts which is somewhere at Putrajaya. And also for celebrating my little sister emira. She really sweet and adorable. I love you sistahh. jadi adik yg baik tau, hik :D

December 11, 2009

With NO ♥


What's the meaning of true friends? Oh until now I still searching the real meaning of the true friends and friendship. Furthermore, if "a girls", it's hard for u guys to show your sincerity for friendship? For me, I seem friendly or maybe it's too friendly to some people out there. Yes, I'm a girl u are really loves to knowing new peoples in my life. " The more the merrier eh?". But some of them always take advantages from that. It's really hurting me. If you're not interested to friends with me, plss just go away far from me. I helped them as good as i can. BUT why you're so dumbbb! It's okay, BUT i wished thank to Allah for always giving me such a gud parents, my sister, my girls, my brother and my lover is equally as my family. For my lovely Ayiz, I will appreciated every single things that you have said and done for me. U always give me a positive response. I LIKEEE ♥. . Hurms, from advices to opinion. Your tought me to love the friendships. Yes, insyaAllah. So peoples, moral is let's make sincerity to your friends.

Btw, thanks to all my close friend, my girls, my mom, and my lover ayiz for accepting me to be apart of your life and friendship. I'm so glad our relationship, our friendship getting stronger everyday. We always stick together, no matter what happen. thanks again. My life is always totally wonderful when u guys are surrounding me.


December 10, 2009

I Love You :)

THURSDAY : Continue writing ..
09th of December 2009 the best day i ever had.

OMGG ! A BIG THANKSSS to you my lover, Ayiz. I never expect this. Why? Hurms, actually every month our ann we just give a wish. But this month he give it to me present. Present biase2 jer. Can give me like this AGAIN?? haha, kidding! Actually, We have totally different personalities. I am like a bit stubborn and he's like relax, chill, cool. Almost 4years kami bekawan before this, his personalities mmg mcmtuh. That's why i like him. haha. Hurms nak marah pon tak sampai hati. haha. U're really the smartest person i know. You have always a good brains and great life. I am comfortable to have a communication with you. Thanks dear, for ur understanding. 9th of December we re oficially 3months together. alhamdulillah. We still have a long way to go, but i believe in trust, understanding and honest we can get the best and great relationship. Btw, thanks for the present and movie too. Cter
COUPLES RETREAT besttt ! A big thanks to you.

LOVE from,

♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks for this :)

Awesome with him :)

THURSDAY : After having dinner and I am writting this sitting on my bed. ciss :)

By the way. Hey hey my blogger friends, lama sudah tak updated blog. tapi lame tak lama jugak lah. hee.. So, today i have the time to updated my past activities. Here it is, talking about my activites last a few days i have been going through awesome stuff with my lover. Honestly im happy spend my time with him. seriouslyyy, i feel so pathethic.. woot woot ~ . My lover wanna buy something at quicksilver and adidas. last2 beli barang kat nike. apada awak nih. So on that day, we just having movie and lunch together. we watched NEW MOON. Hurms, not bad la. abit slow this time. ohh ya, i must tell u guys this. Okay, actually we having lunch time at ayam penyet sunway. Then i already tell my lover, "sayang sambal belacan tuh pedas, don't take too much. nanti saket perut. tapi dia balun jugak". haa, amik kau, pedas kan? hee, meleleh leleh makan. hee. we laugh laugh laugh and laugh. Sayang, we are really enjoyed ourselves that day right. It was a really lovely couple outing. I am quite being happy over, and I think is u too aite. Thanks! This blog hasn't turned out so short after all.
All of love. <3

♥ ♥ ♥

December 2, 2009

Im Here, I'm Speak Up :)

Salam to all my fellas, i just want to shared with you guys my experienced writing this blog. even my previous blog. There have a lot of good and bad things. And I learned I accept all the critics and mostly from 'unknown' people. But sometimes I just can't accept the fact where this 'unknown' people tend to say the bad things about me. then boley cerita to others, padahal kami tak pernah berjumpa & how the way that person can create the story to my friend. It was a really really really sad to me. but I accept it. Now we're not being a friend anymore. She poisoned our friendship and hope u're satisfied. Ya simpan all this thing lame dah. I didn't speak up before. But now i think i have to. For me don't accuse a such nonsense things. One thing that I hope, I hope everything will be revealed soon. Plss girl, don't sell people relationship.

I blog this because I think this is the best way for me and it will satisfy myself also by expressing my personal thot about life. Not to satisfy to people think they noe everything. Nobody's perfect. Don't simply judge people like that if you don't noe that person at all. pleasee lah yea. tak baik! cos kadang2 manusia cuma nampak kekurangan kita, tapi kebaikan kita org takkan nampak.

I got so many friends and it shows that I'm good to be with them. I'm surrounding with peoples who really love to friends with me dearly. Try to understand it, thanks ! And I'm taking this as my good lesson. Like my friend said, "let's them to read it, lambat laun tuhan akan balas". Last word, u can hate me. tapi jangan heret org lain sekali. peace :))

♥ ♥ ♥

December 1, 2009

I was thinking..

I've been thinking lately.. Since I do nothing at this moment, it would be great to have a quick get away. Well, I don't really need to go that far actually. I think I might go to plan something with all my BFF during the weekends, perhaps. Hopefully that all will be soonnn . So girlfriends.. thinking thinking thinkinggg . I will be back on this Sunday. see soon yeah!

♥ ♥ ♥

Him :)

He's the only one guy who is finally open my heart to love. its about accepting love. and he's the one of who wanting me. banyak benda yang berlaku in my past life time. time will healing and time will teach us to me more matured. sayang, thanks for everything. i have seen how much love, how tough, how far ur loves towards me. and you the only guy who seen how much I'm being suffered being inlove before this. Now with you, i only see the happiness. and u noe what syg, u are the lucky guy in my heart. finallyyy. Berdoa semoga Allah sentiasa redhai, beri petunjuk & peringatan kpd kita supaya lebih memahami, tidak lupa kepadaNya dan kasih syg yg berpanjangan. Dan berdoa juga semoga Allah permurahkan rezeki kita. InsyaAllah. Amin :) . I noe, i still have long way to go. But i do believes in trust, honestly is the best ways and policy to have a great relationship. I hope both of us will maintain our path together. InsyaAllah ..

You will always be in my heart,
no matter how far, where we are,
my heart will always be with you, insyaAllah,
BECOS u're my endless love .

Here you are,

Fullest of love,
Nadiya Hamed

♥ ♥ ♥

p/s : Jangan tertarik pada seseorang kerana
paras rupanya, kerana kesempurnaan itu dapat menyesatkan. Dan janganlah pula tertarik kepada seseorang hanya pada kekayaannya kerana akan mendapat kemusnahan. TETAPI, tertariklah kpd seseorang yg dapat membuatmu tersenyum. kerana senyuman itu akan membuat hari kita lebih bahagia. insyaAllah.

November 23, 2009

Scary Movie "2012"

♥ ♥ ♥

Last few days i watched 2012 movie , who will be left behind? :)) . that's was a scary n amazinggg moviee ! im shocked! peoples out there u guys should watched this movie. i was double triple happy when i watched this movie. This movie is telling us for remember the thrills with the Independence Day and the day after tomorrow?? huh. rase scary giler nak tempoh 2012 nih. haha. u guyss kena tgok tau. im sure ramai jgak yg dah tgok kan? best kan? hee :) . but ada certain2 action dia agak too much jgak. hee, ada part tuh ya rase mcm tgok citer kartun jerk. hehe. tapi papeon besttt ! NEXT WEEK , ♥ New Moon ♥ ! exciteddddd !!

♥ ♥ ♥

November 22, 2009


Lamenye rase yaya tak berblogging nih :) rindu pulak rase. hehe. btw today im having a gudday with my lover ayiz, cik ynaa & cik rina salleh. thanks for inviting us:) to makcik makcik sekalian, gamba nanti ya updated k. Yaya sampai di Putrajaya ptg tadi 10minit lagi nak maghrib. nasib baik alhamdulillah jalan tak jemmed. dahla mengantuk, kalau jemmed alamat bedengkur la ya dlm kete sorg2. haha. bahagia rase bila duk dgn family. rindu semua. byk benda ya nak updated, skrg ni dah ngantok sgt. get some sleep.. thanks pada follower yang follow baru2 ni yea. and pada kwn2 yg drop comment jgak. kite balas nanti yek! gud nite then. muachxx ♥♥♥

October 18, 2009

Taman KLCC

Date : 30 Sept 2009
Venue : Taman KLCC
Time : 1pm

Hey fellas , entry kali niy waktu ya trying photoshoot di taman KLCC . huh, Ya Rabbi time nih sgt sgt la panas . nak senyum pon x berapa baik . haha . tapi senyum jelaa mana yg termampu . ekeke ;)) btw, thanks to faizal riza n all the teams . thank you so much . jupe semula next weekends yeah . take care then :)

gila ganas muka . haha

ni tabik org ke ape nih? haha. panas Ya Rabbi time nih . haih !