Thank You Followers

December 11, 2009

With NO ♥


What's the meaning of true friends? Oh until now I still searching the real meaning of the true friends and friendship. Furthermore, if "a girls", it's hard for u guys to show your sincerity for friendship? For me, I seem friendly or maybe it's too friendly to some people out there. Yes, I'm a girl u are really loves to knowing new peoples in my life. " The more the merrier eh?". But some of them always take advantages from that. It's really hurting me. If you're not interested to friends with me, plss just go away far from me. I helped them as good as i can. BUT why you're so dumbbb! It's okay, BUT i wished thank to Allah for always giving me such a gud parents, my sister, my girls, my brother and my lover is equally as my family. For my lovely Ayiz, I will appreciated every single things that you have said and done for me. U always give me a positive response. I LIKEEE ♥. . Hurms, from advices to opinion. Your tought me to love the friendships. Yes, insyaAllah. So peoples, moral is let's make sincerity to your friends.

Btw, thanks to all my close friend, my girls, my mom, and my lover ayiz for accepting me to be apart of your life and friendship. I'm so glad our relationship, our friendship getting stronger everyday. We always stick together, no matter what happen. thanks again. My life is always totally wonderful when u guys are surrounding me.


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