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December 10, 2009

I Love You :)

THURSDAY : Continue writing ..
09th of December 2009 the best day i ever had.

OMGG ! A BIG THANKSSS to you my lover, Ayiz. I never expect this. Why? Hurms, actually every month our ann we just give a wish. But this month he give it to me present. Present biase2 jer. Can give me like this AGAIN?? haha, kidding! Actually, We have totally different personalities. I am like a bit stubborn and he's like relax, chill, cool. Almost 4years kami bekawan before this, his personalities mmg mcmtuh. That's why i like him. haha. Hurms nak marah pon tak sampai hati. haha. U're really the smartest person i know. You have always a good brains and great life. I am comfortable to have a communication with you. Thanks dear, for ur understanding. 9th of December we re oficially 3months together. alhamdulillah. We still have a long way to go, but i believe in trust, understanding and honest we can get the best and great relationship. Btw, thanks for the present and movie too. Cter
COUPLES RETREAT besttt ! A big thanks to you.

LOVE from,

♥ ♥ ♥
Thanks for this :)


Anonymous said...

couple retreat uh??
mcm shiall+gampang!!
u guys should watch this fuckin' movie!!huu..

for once again,
happy 3rd anniversary monthly dear!!
thx..thx..and thx..
i finally found a true happiness..
with you syg..
pls,i love u damn much baby!!
no one and neverrr anyone can replace u syg!!
jaga BB k!! ;p

lebiu lebiu lebiu~~~

Nadiya Hamed said...

haha,yes peeps this movie gila bunghok peghangai. tapi that's great movie. hehe. gorgeous. hehe.

I will dear.
Thanks for the preset again kay.
insyaAllah we will get the true long lasting relationship. love you moree!

take care,
Oh ya, thanks too for drop by comments. really appreciated. ;))