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December 10, 2009

Awesome with him :)

THURSDAY : After having dinner and I am writting this sitting on my bed. ciss :)

By the way. Hey hey my blogger friends, lama sudah tak updated blog. tapi lame tak lama jugak lah. hee.. So, today i have the time to updated my past activities. Here it is, talking about my activites last a few days i have been going through awesome stuff with my lover. Honestly im happy spend my time with him. seriouslyyy, i feel so pathethic.. woot woot ~ . My lover wanna buy something at quicksilver and adidas. last2 beli barang kat nike. apada awak nih. So on that day, we just having movie and lunch together. we watched NEW MOON. Hurms, not bad la. abit slow this time. ohh ya, i must tell u guys this. Okay, actually we having lunch time at ayam penyet sunway. Then i already tell my lover, "sayang sambal belacan tuh pedas, don't take too much. nanti saket perut. tapi dia balun jugak". haa, amik kau, pedas kan? hee, meleleh leleh makan. hee. we laugh laugh laugh and laugh. Sayang, we are really enjoyed ourselves that day right. It was a really lovely couple outing. I am quite being happy over, and I think is u too aite. Thanks! This blog hasn't turned out so short after all.
All of love. <3

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Anonymous said...

sumpah pedass gileerr kot sambal tersebutt!!(",)
nasi lemak kantin tadika pn xpedas mcm tersebut!!
melecur braces aku!hahaha ;p

i really enjoyed our quality time syg..
thx!and u do a great job baby!
u're great syg.......
i love u smpai matiiii..
mmuahhxx <3

Nadiya Hamed said...

hahaha. u ure so funny dear.
and tankde kena mengena dgn braces okay. hahaha. tolong korekkan haha ;)

Btw, yeah me too.
i really enjoyed it.
Thanks for everything ;)