Thank You Followers

February 14, 2010

I had fun doingg this ;)

Yay, finally's DONE ;)
Thanks to my beloved sister's ( angah nanie, adik sabrina & emira ) and also thanks to my cousin fadelah kerana telah membantu menjayakan photoshoot yg tak seberapa nih. heee ;) apa yg penting saya dan mereka happy buat semua ni. hope semua akan berjalan dgn baik, insyaAllah. Thanks to my belovedd mum also. sayang semuanyaaa. Terima kasih untuk semua ♥

Venue : Appartment Danga Bay, JB

One of my pre-loved items ;) take a look


Finallyyyy! ;)

Hellooo worlddd ;)
Today i was extremely excitedd. Dah lama nak bgtau kawan-kawan semua ttg blogshop online yaya. Well, last a few weeks I ada informed you all about my new blogshop kan? You all ada singgah tak? Heee ;). Actually websites "fabulousmuslimah" is no longer used. Now we are totally changed it to . Hope u guys take a noted tau. Hah, sorry la lambat informed. I'm busy with my pack schedule activities. Okay, lepas ni jgn lupa drop by lah selalu yee.

Okay, nak citer sikitlah kan cm mana blh terdetik nak jual dress ni kan? ;) me and my sister just nak have fun jer actually, tapi pikir-pikirkan balik tak salah kita nak mencuba something new kan. Honestly, at the first mmg sangat-sangatla takut kalau-kalau baju tak ada orang nak beli or what. Tapi insyaAllah lepas menjual tudung-tudung dan dengan adanya sambutan and sokongan dr kawan-kawan, ia berjaya jugak dilakukan. heee ;) Terima kasih Ya Allah ;)) hope u guys suka kay.

So girls, what are you waiting for now? Do and don't forget to check and drop by my blogshop link okay. I will always updated my loved collection from "tudung" and dress. and who knows maybe oneday I will come out with others stuff like blouse, accessories ;) Very cheap price ;) So, sila support saya ;)

Thank You ;)

February 9, 2010

To my dear boyfieee ;)


Half and hourago, we're officially together. finally, i considered u as the one of person that's mine. my everything, without you sayang i dunno what happen towards my future life. im happy with you, and thanks for choose me for your right one. and thanks also, cos always give support, make me always smilee, make fullest of surprised and the important thing is accepting me for the way I am. U're my endless love :) I love youuu always

February 5, 2010

Hellooo Blogger !

Helloo worldd. I've missed my blog damn much! It's been almost a month i didn't posting any story. Actually there's a lot of story i want to shared with people out there. Yes, I know have been away quite some time yeah. Actually i missed my blog and gossiping seasons here, but unfonutely I don't have really much time to do this. Because now, me busy and my shcedule is pack of activities. I'm not running anywhere. Sempat lagi tak nak say HELLOOO 2010? haha, I welcome nadiya hamed with a big HELLO. All the things happened before i take it as my lesson :) and love it ♥