Thank You Followers

February 22, 2011

Yes, it's for you :)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm gonna write about this mudak. I miss this mudak so much. I miss you my boyfie. He's my love, he's my bestfriend. He's everything for me. I already found special person in my life. Someone who change my life just being a part of it. Someone who makes me laugh, cry, crazy until I can't stop almost everyday. Someone who makes me believe in hope. Someone who convinces me to stand up even when the world is going to end. This is forever relationship, forever friendship. When I'm down and the world seems empty, u lift me up in spirit and makes the dark and empty suddenly seem bright and full. If I lose my way u guide me. You see my eyes and u tell me that everything's gonna be okay even when u know its not. When it hurts to look back, and scared to look ahead, I know I can look besides me and you'll always be there. Thank you dear boyfriend, dear bestfriend, and future husband, hopefully. If God will, insyaAllah :) I feel happy and complete because I don't need to be worry. Youre my forever love one and bestfriend and forever has no end. Thank you tau awak. Sorry mood mcam lovelylovely sikit harini. I do seriously miss this mudak ! Heks :DD

awak, awak still ingat tak this pic? zaman doludolu bercintun. heee :DD
nak makan lagi chicken chop black pepper kat situ lagi moleh? T__T

oh yes, I LOVE YOU. enuff said. bye ♥


Anonymous said...


awak ni sgt klakar okay ;p !!!
auyaiiii...ponek den gelok eh!!
aah zaman mula2 bercintun~~
chicken chop er??
jummm!!! on!!!

Nadiya Hamed said...

awak promise yea. walaupun di medan selera saje i on always. rezeki jgn ditolak, musuh jgn dicari ;) heks :D

Anonymous said...


baru la gf cool ;p
aah,nanti kita pegi lagi k dear ;p
chop chop!!! ;p