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January 30, 2011

Food Mood

Am craving for this.. Enough said !

Writing : Not To Impress

Salam, Happy Sunday everyone. Hope u guys have blast, great weekend yaw! Me? I'm not going anywhere today. Just stay at home and again, I'm blogging. LOL. Supposedly today pegi ke Batu Pahat, ada cousin's wedding. Tapi sebab kemalasan jadi urrggh. Nevermind mak abah, I won't. Seriously malas -_-

So back to my title, about writing? Yes, I think it's fair to say that we all enjoy writing. Writing is a hobby for some but it can also be therapy for others ; a release, a comfort, a way to express yourself. I write to entertain, to release my frustrations and try to make people think. I write because ONLY when I'm writing, I truly feel like me. I write simply because it's my skill. Eventho I know I'm not a good enough writer. But at least I feel happy. It's a what I do to reflect myself. To show my individuality and my uniqueness. Wah unique sangat ke kau kan? LOL. Writing is my own little world so to speak. Anddd, for personally I don't think one of us can compare anyone writing to another. Because everyone has different ways of writing and they're all unique too :) Every writer is a different. Agree? Not? HAHA! Btw for me I write to express not to impress. Enjoy reading. Salam

January 29, 2011

Movie : Khurafat

copy paste poster

Wheeww, harini badan sangat penat dan malas sangat nak buat apa apa. Tadi mak ajak pegi KL pon mcm urgghh malasnya mau siap siap shume. Rase mcam baru je sampai putrajaya dah nak kena pegi KL balik. So ajak mak pegi next time sajee. Sorry mak. Oww, btw semalam bawak adek pegi tengok wayang. Cerita "KHURAFAT". And actually this is my second time, sebabkan adek mahu tengok bawaklaa kejap kat Alamanda :)) And adek super duper happy. Sebenarnya agak pelik jugak adek beria nak tengok Khurafat. Cause adek tak berapa shuka tengok cerita melayu. Haha! I dunno why this time she feel so excited. Tahniah adek. HAHA :DD

So shampai sampai tiket jam 9.10pm sold out. So kiteorang tengok at 11pm. Lambat kan? Hishh, tapi adek nak jugak. Okay, alang on :) So dah shampai awal tatau nak buat apa, so cuci mata then we just having float. Ai mmg dah lama nak floattt :)

So jom cerita sikit about this movie. Khurafat bermaksud perjanjian terlarang antara syaitan dan manusia. Dan juga sesuatu yang amat ditegah dalam agama Islam kita sendiri. So jadikan ikhtibar dari filem ini. Maksudnya dalam dunia ni, kita seharusnya menerima takdir, qada' dan qadar dalam hidup. Okay fullstop yaya about ceramah stuff, haha! Korang tengok sendiri cerita ni okengg But please take note. So overall, last but not least this movie was awesome malay movie and worth it laa jugak. Must watch this horror movie. My rating for this movie is 9/10. Best and horror movie. Thumbs up Shamsul Yusuf :)

b o r e d :\

Saturday Notes : Random Tho ;)

Salam, bismillah. Hi bloggers. Suddenly I want to wrote this, ilham datang drop by kat otak. HAHA! Talking about people nowadays, people are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgiveness is the starting good point. If you're kind people may accuse you of selfish motives. Be kind anyway. If you're successful you'll win some unfaithful friends and genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. If you're honest and sincere people will deceive you. What you spend years creating others could destroys overnight. Create anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Agreed with me? "Tepuk dada tanya jantung". HAHA! Be happy anyway. The good u do today, will often be forgotten. Give what the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway guys :) In the finals analysis is between you and God. It was NEVER between you and them anyway. Write with full of ♥

January 28, 2011

Networking Site

This entry is talking about networking site nowadays. Especially the obvious networking now is facebook. As we know that, Facebook is one social networking site I enjoy being a part of. But there's one thing I dislike. People add people that they don't know , but know of. That has kinda spirit of Facebook, at least in my Facebook friend list. It has become cool to have many friends.

So I just deleted people I rarely talk or people I barely know on Facebook. I don't want a lots of randomers on my friend list. I don't see the point in having a person on your friends list if you don't communicate with them at all. For me, I just want people I know on my friend list. And actually so far my friend pending request is 688 peoples. What I'm supposed to do now. I'm afraid if i approve people who pretend as a stalker. So please I don't have time for that. If u really know me, just inbox me :) And to peoples if I've to deleted you or will delete you, I'm sorry. I hope this is doesn't offend you or taking it in a personal way.

January 26, 2011

Hey Bloggers :\

M.I.A?! Bismillah, and salam to readers. I know I've been missing from all 'internet" stuff. Twitter, Facebook, Formspring for almost a month if am not mistaken. Honestly, I'm getting bored with it. Too much drama. Getting fed up most of the updates from some of them. And honestly I can't believe this. I can trace u, and actually I knew it "everything". Just want "them" to stop all of this. I'd rather have a few true friends than a lots of fake, crappy one. I might just sucks it and pretend everything is alright but, whewww! "Don't fool others by making fool out of yourself and don't think that I know nothing". The reasons I'm telling all of this here cause I know u'll read it and spread the stories with some else and all your bf & gf friends. friends lah sangat! Whatever it is, go ahead. That's the main propose anyway. Follow me if u like or pretend to like me unfollow me and live happily :) ANDDDD.. For those people who doesn't have a life by trying to bring me down, all I can say now is go ahead, goodluck, work harder and get a life! :)

P/s : to judges/pity stalker. I'am in personally love to write in english although I'm not a very good writer but it is one of the method that I can improve my English Language. Most importantly the message gets through. I don't mind taking constructive criticism. Do correct me if I'm wrong in a good words and way. Thank you :)

January 14, 2011

Me likey , auuuchhh!

Cry On My Shoulder
I do love this song , 10 thumbs up :DD

p/s : weee, lama tak updated. banyak nak story mory. will updated soon. whooopsie! :)

January 1, 2011

Bukit Tabur, Thumbs UP !

Date : 31 December 2010
Venue : Bukit Tabur
We had so much fun there. Penat memang penat, gayat memang gayat. But seriously awesome u guys. Anddd, pssst.. Sorry gambar ni actually sudah tidak tersusun. So upload je mana yg ada :) Thanks to my sayang, my sister sabrina, nell, amir, jaja, mie, kwn amir and others :)

Just want to say thank you, a lots :)

p/s : actually the day before daki bukit tabur sayang last day kerja di shah alam. And the next day pepagi tuh, lepas subuh terus daki bukit tabur, atas sebab dia sudah berjanji dengan saya sebelum dia balik Uitm dia nak bawak daki bukit. So thanks, I know syg penat but us still want. So.... dunno what to say. Really appreciated you. Owww! Btw actually I'm a sports woman mase skolah dulu. So bila dah lama tak berlasak mcm ni rase slow sikit. Maaf yea kwn kwn! Ekeke :)) But we had fun kan syg. Alavyuh! :) And sorry banyak posting about us still I tak post. I think tak perlu kot. Faham kan kan? So biarkan kita je tau k :)

♥ ♥ ♥