Thank You Followers

January 26, 2011

Hey Bloggers :\

M.I.A?! Bismillah, and salam to readers. I know I've been missing from all 'internet" stuff. Twitter, Facebook, Formspring for almost a month if am not mistaken. Honestly, I'm getting bored with it. Too much drama. Getting fed up most of the updates from some of them. And honestly I can't believe this. I can trace u, and actually I knew it "everything". Just want "them" to stop all of this. I'd rather have a few true friends than a lots of fake, crappy one. I might just sucks it and pretend everything is alright but, whewww! "Don't fool others by making fool out of yourself and don't think that I know nothing". The reasons I'm telling all of this here cause I know u'll read it and spread the stories with some else and all your bf & gf friends. friends lah sangat! Whatever it is, go ahead. That's the main propose anyway. Follow me if u like or pretend to like me unfollow me and live happily :) ANDDDD.. For those people who doesn't have a life by trying to bring me down, all I can say now is go ahead, goodluck, work harder and get a life! :)

P/s : to judges/pity stalker. I'am in personally love to write in english although I'm not a very good writer but it is one of the method that I can improve my English Language. Most importantly the message gets through. I don't mind taking constructive criticism. Do correct me if I'm wrong in a good words and way. Thank you :)


Anonymous said...


org nak ckp apa2 pn pedulikan je..
org mcm tu kesian......
dia jelous dgn ja tu ;p kesian~

Nadiya Hamed said...

sometimes i rase mcam funny sangat shyg. haha! itu je i boleh cakap, lol :) u know well who's im talking about right. pity of them yeah shyg. sep sket ;))