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January 29, 2011

Saturday Notes : Random Tho ;)

Salam, bismillah. Hi bloggers. Suddenly I want to wrote this, ilham datang drop by kat otak. HAHA! Talking about people nowadays, people are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgiveness is the starting good point. If you're kind people may accuse you of selfish motives. Be kind anyway. If you're successful you'll win some unfaithful friends and genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. If you're honest and sincere people will deceive you. What you spend years creating others could destroys overnight. Create anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Agreed with me? "Tepuk dada tanya jantung". HAHA! Be happy anyway. The good u do today, will often be forgotten. Give what the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway guys :) In the finals analysis is between you and God. It was NEVER between you and them anyway. Write with full of ♥


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

agree syg.. i am in that situation rite now where a group of so called friends but in the end they betray and just seek out point to destroy me.. Allah knows it all and I just keep myself silent.. be strong yaya :)

Nadiya Hamed said...

thank you my dear. much love youu! :)

fya zainal said...


we shud keep believing in HIM

Nadiya Hamed said...

true dear :)