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December 2, 2009

Im Here, I'm Speak Up :)

Salam to all my fellas, i just want to shared with you guys my experienced writing this blog. even my previous blog. There have a lot of good and bad things. And I learned I accept all the critics and mostly from 'unknown' people. But sometimes I just can't accept the fact where this 'unknown' people tend to say the bad things about me. then boley cerita to others, padahal kami tak pernah berjumpa & how the way that person can create the story to my friend. It was a really really really sad to me. but I accept it. Now we're not being a friend anymore. She poisoned our friendship and hope u're satisfied. Ya simpan all this thing lame dah. I didn't speak up before. But now i think i have to. For me don't accuse a such nonsense things. One thing that I hope, I hope everything will be revealed soon. Plss girl, don't sell people relationship.

I blog this because I think this is the best way for me and it will satisfy myself also by expressing my personal thot about life. Not to satisfy to people think they noe everything. Nobody's perfect. Don't simply judge people like that if you don't noe that person at all. pleasee lah yea. tak baik! cos kadang2 manusia cuma nampak kekurangan kita, tapi kebaikan kita org takkan nampak.

I got so many friends and it shows that I'm good to be with them. I'm surrounding with peoples who really love to friends with me dearly. Try to understand it, thanks ! And I'm taking this as my good lesson. Like my friend said, "let's them to read it, lambat laun tuhan akan balas". Last word, u can hate me. tapi jangan heret org lain sekali. peace :))

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Am Sya said...


sape yg jahat tuh??

xbek betol..

org cmni pon ade...

sbrlah k

peace~ ;)


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

erm.. sabar and be strong k dear~~ dunia ni macam2 leh ajdi..especially bila kita blogging nie, ramai sangat anonymous yang berani nak komen tapi tak berani nak tinggalkan nama or reveal sapa dia.. just write what u feel.. this is ur blog, ur right .. keep on writing k :)

Nadiya Hamed said...

Yaya - AmSya : I'm okay syg, i just speak up . hee :))

Yaya - Cherrie : yeap, that's true. tapi tak baik kan nak racun2 org. papepon die mmg HEBAT and pandai bab2 nih. :)

. Fara Latif . said...

sis tOmey. i alredy tkr url blOg.
keep in tOuch ye,
syg sis~