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November 23, 2009

Scary Movie "2012"

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Last few days i watched 2012 movie , who will be left behind? :)) . that's was a scary n amazinggg moviee ! im shocked! peoples out there u guys should watched this movie. i was double triple happy when i watched this movie. This movie is telling us for remember the thrills with the Independence Day and the day after tomorrow?? huh. rase scary giler nak tempoh 2012 nih. haha. u guyss kena tgok tau. im sure ramai jgak yg dah tgok kan? best kan? hee :) . but ada certain2 action dia agak too much jgak. hee, ada part tuh ya rase mcm tgok citer kartun jerk. hehe. tapi papeon besttt ! NEXT WEEK , ♥ New Moon ♥ ! exciteddddd !!

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