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December 25, 2009

Blast Birthday, superbbb ;)

HELLO YELLOW MELLOWW ;) haha yes, yesterday i have spend celebrating my 22nd birthday at Geo's, Hartamas. The surprised party from my boyfiee, thanks. I don't expect all my dearly friends ada kat sana. It's really surprised me. And I had reaally blast yesterday, plus on 25th Dec is Christmas Day so lagi lah meriah. Im loving it sayang.

Btw, i wished a lot of thanks to sayang and all my beloved friends. And thanks also for the presents that had u guys give it to me. Thanks for the cake also ;) urghh, banyaknya nak wish thanks ni. dah mcm artis pulop, poyoo jer. hahaha ;) . Anyway, doakan kebahagian yaya and semoga dimurahkan rezeki dari-Nya selalu. aminn .

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