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April 15, 2010

Celebration his birthday at Garden Cafe, The Curve :)

This is all what happened at Garden, The Curve. I told him to dress up comel-comel to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He thought that we are going to celebrated it just two of us. He didn't know, after we are having dinner together, surprisingly I already gathered his sibling and friends at Geo's Hartamas. The story I will updated once I get the picture from mr. cameraman ;) Hihi. Excitedd tengok muka teruja syg. YESS, plan saya menjadi ;)

This is mr. birthday boy. Love you always. Hope god will give long lasting relationship. Insya'Allah. Amin ;)

Theme is red equals to LIVERPOOL ;) Tapi shyg plan nak pakai putih. So i combined white with red. Hihi ;) Okay kan?!

I hope also sayang will enjoyed the dinner. Everything's great last nite aite. I will continue do this celebration till my last breath as long as u love me. Pls do save our relationship.

Masa ni shyg sgt terharu, dalam masa yg sama gembira. Hope u like it the card and also the present. Actually last two months he already listed what he want during his birthday. One of that is this wallet quicksilver. Soorry dear, i cannot give u more than this. Sebab i tak kerja lagii. Haha. Next round lah eh, hihi ;)

Will continue updated this celebration with his buddies at Hartamas!. WAITT taw!
Everything's for you! ♥ ;)


ezy eizyanie said...

sweet ok

Anonymous said...

naik segan+malu+TERharu baca blog cyg ;p

tthhhxxxx tak terhingga pd syg!!
thx 4 everything hunny!!!
o0o0..menganjeng dah 4 tahun single ye?
and finally ALLAH tunjukkn jalan kebahagiaan i dgn syg ;p
i akan syg n cintakan syg selagi umur i panjang ni..
SELAMANYA!!selamanya yunk..

i do love u sweetheart!!
damn MUCHH!!

lebiuuuu <3 (^,^)