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June 10, 2010

The real meaning of number 9 . Lalala !

. Shape Of My Heart .
Okay, number of 9 it's really meaningful for us.
09.09.09 I have considered him as mine forever, insyaAllah .
Deeply in my heart I really really hope that .
And this is our 9months being together
Actually we did take a long time to get to know each other
After 4 years being as a close friend
I have decided and accepting him forever into my life .
We still have long way to go .
But I believe our prays, honest and sincerity we can get the real, true relationship.

P/s : Okay, with no planning. kami lunch ayam penyet sahaja . Sebabnya, dah lamaaa sgt sgt tak makan . Shyg pon busy kerja . ;))

* tak pernah jemu makan ayam penyet, sangat sedap. teringat Bandunggg*


Boo said...

ayam penyet kt mane ni yunk...pray the besh 4 both of u,yaya!!~~:)

Nadiya Hamed said...

ayam penyet kat the curve syg :)
thank u so much. miss u boo :))

Anonymous said...


penyet aku mkn menatang penyet ni!
NAK tau!ktrog mkn pn rm39.90!
saje nak 9-9-9 tu!!
hahahaaha ;p

lebiuuu itik!!!!!