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July 31, 2010

Fridaylicioussss !

Finally I get to spend my little bit of time to my blog. Yay! Cian blog I neh. Membeku, bersawang sawang. HAHA! So actually yesterday I had spend my time with all my girlfriends. It's just unplanned gathering together before fasting month. And also, for my friend rina salleh, yg terpilih utk "Gadis Melayu" session 3. So we did eve dinner together with her. So yeah, we did it! Alhamdulillah. Although the dinner was simple but it's really meaningful to us and me :) With full of love and happiness i wish gud luck for u dear. Hope u love it. And utk kawan kawan yg lain, thanks for everythings. U guys such a good friends eve! Luff ya, so much! :)

♥ you wanie & rina :)

when we're having our dinner at T.G.I Friday's The Garden. What a awesome dinner!
I love it. I love them all :)

♥ them :)

p/s : camera saya buat hal harituw. iskk :(


Nadira Nasarauddin said...

wwaaaahhhh~~ seronoknyer girlfriends hangout!!! dah lame saye xkua ramai2 ngan kawan2 camtu, ni jeles nh.. :)

fathiahRAIHANA said...

naaa .. sume lawa2 la akak . haha . tgok gmbar je , ta bula nk bace sbb sume org cute sgt =D