Thank You Followers

September 9, 2010

oh ! we're officially 1 year? ;)

Bismillah ...

no matter what they tell us, no matter what they do, no matter what they teach us, no matter what they call us, no matter where they take us, no matter how they judge us

1st anniversary

thank you for loving me dearly and accepting for the way I am

. thank you for the simple present .

Hi everyone. How are you doing so far? For those who are still in holiday, I wish you are having fun and for those who is in the middle of holiday and ready preparing and facing midterm examination, I wish u guys best of luck ;) So, back to my title entry ---- woww, alhamdulillah oh heaven! me and him 1 year together as a couple. I dunno where I want to starts and do not know what I want to write now actually. I'm speechless. Ehemehem, so starts with a good smiling ^__^ amik mood sikit ;) Currently my boyfie at UITM Dungun and me stay in KL. Tapi dia org KL lah just study kat dungun. We had agreed on one thing, that we have to stand for a long distance relationship. and both of us agreed and alhamdulillah we face it, we handle it in a good way. By that, tidak dinafikan jugak the distance can make me emotional, sensitive and gado tak pasal pasal. That's my weakness.

So, 1 year tu bagi bf i satu benda yang pelik la. sebab tidak pernah bercinta sampai ke tahap ni. sebab dia tak pernah serious in relationship. That's what he said, and after 4 years his being single then he choosed me for his right one. Thank God. But baru as a couple jer ;) so, I just want to telling him that we have got this so far. It's miracle for me. Given all the circumstances and our main issues is always the word "distance". I'm really thankful that we still stick for each other until now. And I pray that I'll love you this way, forever and u'll do the same thing too. Actually tak ramai org sanggup bercinta for a long distance. I hope there's no piece of regret in your heart. Last but not least, I had thanked to u for all the things that you have done for me.

Yes, I know we still have long way to go. But I do believe, in trust and honestly are the best policy to have a great long relationship. I hope that both of us will maintain our path together, no matter what obstacles may comes to us soon. Insya'Allah.


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

alhamdulillah and congrats :)
I'd been in a LDR (long distance r/ship) before and same as yours, sure it has little problems here and there..
Am so happy for you and will pray for your happiness in this world and hereafter :)

petisuara said...

1 year sgt boleh dikira lame utk LDR..cngrats!!bukan sng kan nk bertahan..u boleh punye!tehee

Anonymous said...


heee(senyum lebor) ;p
yup!LDR mmg susah sbnarnya kan ;p
dgn kekutan hati yg tulus sajeww dpt kuatkan semangat ini..alhamdulillah ;p
alhamdulillah ktorg dah genap setahun! sgt sukar ;p sy pn kagum dgn diri ini ;p
to my shyg-happy anniversary mycupcake!! ;p
ite shygg iyee!! ;p cgttttttt!!
papepn,insyallah hubungan kita ini sampai ke akhir hayat!!
ikhlas dari hati menyayangi yaya ;p
walaweeyy ;p hahaha..
sayang selalu!