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September 4, 2010

You're not invited !!

I'm T I R E D !
I had experienced from my previous post. I learned and accept both good and bad critics openly. But I just can't accept the fact where peoples tend to say bad things about me. You think that u're totally perfect? I don't think so. Uhhh! I blog because I want to satisfy myself by exressing my personal thoughts. And I speak my mind. I tak kesah if nak comment but boleh tak bagi yg membina sket? There's no human being is perfect. So that makes one of us. Try to understand it. Pleaseeee! Don't simply judge people if you don't ever know that person at all.

To my dear silent killer & silent readers
All I can say now,

No need any critics from "you"

I'm here not for trouble.
So people who are really hate to read my blog, just go away.
Youre not invited :)

p/s : i) At least saya mencuba. Pathetic!
ii) Even u letak anonymous pon, i boleh tau who you are. so beware :)
iii) kalau nak put any comments pon, bagilah comment yg membina sikit. Yes, me is not perfect at all like yours.



Muammar said...

well, u can block anonymous from comment btw...jz choose registered users or members of this blog.. =)

lynn said...

i hate anonymous. anonymous buat aku delete blog yg previous. kalau berani sgt nak kutuk org o bagi kritikan membina. jgnlah letak anonymous.tunjuklah profile diri yg sebenar.pengecut.kita bce die punye blog pulak.ok ke tak. to owner for this blog kan. better filter je comment. kalau agak2 comment dia mcm sakit hati. delete je. jgn publish. senang.

Anonymous said...


hush! silent killer la..bahaya!haha
org itu pasti sgt tah hape2!
tak,mcm ni,dia sebenarnya jelous kat yunk la tu~~~
SEBAB yaya kan somel,dia jelous~