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November 5, 2010

Hardest Things in Falling In LOVE

1. Falling in love with your bestfriend .

2. Falling in love with someone in love with your
bestfriend .

3. Loving someone too much it hurts .

4. Choosing to let go of someone you love so
much because it’s the only right thing to do .

5. It takes time to have the one you LOVE, but just
a second to lose it forever, LOVE is bliss until it’s
gone .

6. Belonging to someone else when the right one
comes along .

7. Falling in love with someone who belongs to
someone else .

8. Choosing between friendship and a relationship .

9. Pretending to be NOT IN LOVE with someone
when you’re actually dying to tell him/her that you
are .

10. Admitting to be in love with a friend despite
his/her imperfections .

11. Realizing that the more you to try to forget, the
more you try to fight the feeling, you just find
yourself falling in love even more .

12. Letting go of someone; and then realizing you
will never find another one like him/her .

13. After so many years of being together, you find
out one day you’re not in love anymore .

14. Trying to hide your feelings from someone only
to find out later that he/she loves you back and
then you realize your chance has already passed .

15. The HARDEST thing about falling in love is
believing it exists after love has failed you time and
time again .


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