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February 2, 2011

Lovely Second February :)

Salam Bloggers! Happy CNY! Hope u guys are doing great yaw! Btw, guess what folks, I love this month, FEBUARY. Really love it ;) . Valentine? Owww, NO! NO! I don't ever celebrate valentine's day but simply said I love this month because my abah born on 4th Feb. 2days left and I feel so excited. Tunggu eh abah, we have something for you. I'm sure u'll be happy. InsyaAllah, and hopefully la eh abah eh. HAHA! ;)) Chuppppppppp!, gambar apakah diatas? Yes, we went to Jakel today actually with my mom, and my two sisters. Hehe, I feel so excited *jumpjump* . Later story details oke? Wootwoot ;)) Im giggling all the way. Weeee :DD


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

syggg adakah kamu bakal menjadi tunangan orang? *winkk *winkkk ")

Mashhollow said...

wow...what lovely daughters -)

what a surprise to ur dad ??

hehe -)