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April 19, 2011

Here We're. We're Back!

 Salam, Hi all :) Actually I dunno where I want to start this post entry. Okaylahh, ♫♪ di mulakan dengan bismillah, disudahi dengan alhamdulillah ♫♪. Ngee! Feelingfeeling so excited. Okay maybe some readers know before this I have my own blogshop online Now with the same name I'm come out with new stuff, new things and everything's new. My previous blogshop I only sell hijab and some of Muslimah clothing. On that time, I pun realize jugak terlalu banyak kekurangan. Dan saya masih belajar dan akn terus belajar. Hmmp now, untuk pengetahuan semua I have restarted my blogshop online. Yeay, happy and very thankful :)) 

Okay nak cerita sikitlaa, why harini baru I nak launch this blogshop? Hmmp, F.Y.I the reason why I choose this date is because tomorrow's 20th April which is a wonderful and meaningful date for both of my parents. It's their Anniversary. Hopefully dengan adanya tarikh ini will go easier and get blessings from Allah SWT. InsyaAllah. Now alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. Hopefully with the return of my business online will get better response than before. And I hoped these new product that I've spend, will be able to satisfy you all. And hopefully, everyone will give positive response, support and good advices and comments. Have fun shopping with D'Fabulousity. I feel thankful and I'm giggling all the way now. Alhamdulillah. Thousand thanks to my beloved parents, and family because support me all the way. Not to forget, my love one. Tqvm sayang. Thank You Allah. Thank You ALL :) 

come visit my new blogshop 

p/s : //sumpah penat. 


Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

yeaaaaaa... bole dtg tengok bajuuu hehehe :)

kc kasedah said...

baekkkk lepas neh leh dtg tgk stuff u :)

NH said...

cherrie : syg, anything bbm or call i k. tapi kemeja dah sold out. sobsob :'(

kasedah : mari marii :))