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November 24, 2010

Wednesday Love Letter

Bismillah, and hello Wednesday! Alhamdulillah I'm done with my test, clapclap ;) Today feels like want to write something about him, yes him my love.. So gedik kan? I'm so dramatic But who cares? This is my blog, so if people who are so really hate me or hate to read my blog, go away okay! Tak berminat pon nak bace comment comment stupid stalker. Pity you sweet stalker. U jenguk tiap tiap hari pon takpa. At least I can earn some money from you especially, thank you :) Oh yea, forget about stupid buffalo stalker. Thanks for visiting me, and come again :D

Back to my title, dear sayang thank you for being the man I always knew you could be. I love what we've become. Thank you for taking a step into the future with me, I love you. When I look back, I cry because of lost memories. And when I look forward, I cry because I'm scared of what the future might hold. By right now, with you I'm content because I know I have you. I want to laugh with you when you laugh. I want to cry with you when you cry, I want to have fun with you when you have fun. I want to love you even you don't love me. But I know that's not going to happen with us right sayang? InsyaALLAH :)

I just want you to know, u mean the world to me and I love you every single breath I take. All I ask is for you to take me in your arms and love me too. I've met a guy unlike no other, I can talk to him and never get bored, telling him everything and never getting judged, a bestfriend, a boyfriend, a true love. We all have our reasons but sayang, u just happen to be my only one. Just knowing , that he’s there for me, makes me feel like I have everything that I need in my life. Alhamdulillah :) I will protect and I will love you, this relationship as long as u need me, love me. I will try my best to make our relationship will be last forever. InsyaAllah, make a du'a to ALLAH..

Ohh sleepy, so yeah BYE :DD



Cik Tqah said...

semoga cepat kawen..hehe.. :)

nurayunni said...


Anonymous said...

sokong cik Tqah. hehe. sweet je bersama. :)

Anonymous said...


yayunk somell laa~~
ada ke mcm tu,gewaaamm okay!
(boley geram kt gf sendiri?) ;p
yuh!will be forever!!
for u my beloved one!!
si tonggek ;p hahaha..