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November 25, 2010

My Evening

Bismillah, assalamualaikum and hello readers. Actually I have nothing to update. I just go back from Al-Khaleeq finishing my assignment and in the same time dating, boleh? Hoho.. We're doing just fine, I meant AWESOME *cough* . Thank you awak teman kitaa ;) Btw, I'm tired so lets make it simple writing.. Actually I dedicated this post to my sweet stalker..

To stalker, what I’ve told you is actually meant for you . You started it . And please facing me if u brave to speak. Come on . Don’t act so innocent -.- . Belakang je berani cakap apa cerita babe?! Anyway , take a good look at yourself . You’re not that good or better talking about people . You’re talking about me , don’t expect me to do nothing about it . AND please don’t tell me to change my attitude . Look who’s talking . You’re worst than me . Yea I admit I keep doing silly mistakes . AT LEAST I didn’t do mistakes like YOU DID ! Urgh I feel like cursing . You even make me HATE you more right now . And now you’re asking me to change my attitude ? Pfft . Whatever u said stupid, loser moron.. BLAH ;) macam tade kaitan je kan dengan title and pics kat bawah kann?!.. But biarlaaah, HAHA! ;)

almost done assignment ;)


Anonymous said...


baikkan saya teman gf buat assignment?
tp xpe,sbb aku ditemankan shishaku ;p
uh lupa to stalker-kesian kau dilahirkan sebegitu ;p simpati dgn org mcm kau ni..
eee kesian!!

Anonymous said...

ohh, da lama tak singgah blog ni.

u makin cantik.

btw babe, who is that pathetic stalker?
kesian you.
orang yang cantik macam u, memang sentiasa ada org nak follow up. hehe.
chill je babe :)))

Anonymous said...

i understand how u feel dear..=)