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December 18, 2010

Love Letter

He's Fariz , Me Fariza , nice one kan ;)

Dear My Love Fariz ,

I've been missing u alot sayang . When u are working eventho as a part timer . But I still feel alone at home . I feel so lonely sometimes . I didn't know what to do while waiting for u . Sayang , just want so u know , I will try to be strong like u taught me . Being away from u is a hardest to do in my life but since there's nothing else we can do , I'll be strong for u .

Anyway sayang , I just want u to know that u've done a great job while being with me . I know u have tried ur very best to make me happy , to be there for me and until today u never failed dear . Never failed to make me smile eventho I'm moody , laugh my ass off like there's only the two of us there , come to meet me every night eventho there's nothing to do , send me until main gate just want make sure I always be save back to my house . Talk about a topic eventho it doesn't make sense , make friends with my girls & guys , make me eat just to make me happy . pujuk me eventho u didn't know how , asking me if I'am okay everytime I keep quite , listen to my stories eventho it's boring , teach when I'm wrong how to playing the cards , try to celebrate every our monthly ann , tell me I'm beautiful eventho I wear a simple cloth , keep quite eventho u feel like smashing me , solve my problem just because I don't want to face it , be strong for me just because I'm scared , wait for me outside my house when I'm late , support me in everything that I want to do , and never fail to tell me that u love and miss me so much every single day of ur life .

And there's a lot of things actually I want to wrote , say .. And this is just a quarter of it . It'll took me a years to finish it . My dear , thanks for doing this stuff for me . You're one and only for me syg . I'm grateful because I meet u and fall deeply inlove with u . I'm happy to be with u and I hope u'll feel the same way too . I'm sorry about my mistakes , I mean look what I've done to u syg , merajuk , sensitive , emotional . Kesian u . Sorry sygg . Hee . That's now , remember I'll always love u with all of my heart . with ♥

P/s : My full name is Nurfariza Nadia , and him Mohd Noor Fariz :) Fariz and Fariza . Sweet kan? haha! :))

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ezy eizyanie said...

sweet okeh
have a nice day


Nadiya Hamed said...

thank you ezy
u too :))

Anonymous said...


hee..gud gurl ya!!
sian dia busan er time i kerja ;p
hee..cari rezeki~
bt i still try my best 4 u dear..
kalau ada kekurangan minta ampun k..
i mmg slalu busy ;p
apa sorry2 about ur mistakes?
heee nahla dear..i okay ;p

fariz = fariza
fn = fn
fariz najib = fariza nadia