Thank You Followers

February 18, 2011

Muhasabah Diri

Woww, finally I have reached 375 followers and another 25 to be 400 followers. Thank God. Thank you reader. What a milestone. Tqvm for following my blog. So, since I ada blog ni. I think it was 2 or 3 years ago. I will tell you guys a bit experience writing this blog and my early life experience. I started writing blog in 2008. I created the blog and I talked about my personal thought, luahkan everything sampai menangis pun ada. Blog is one of my best friend ever. Because this is only the way I can speak, all out everything. Samada in a good or bad experience. So let the brain speak and heart decide. Btw, sorry writing entry I this time mcm rojak sikit. HAHA! I dunno, I just wrote it down. Sorry!

My life is full of the stupid drama. And I'm not going to deal with the drama anymore, so just let it happen. Grow up people. You're not in a high school anymore. Act matured with your age. I can express myself better in writing actually than in talking face to face and I get my emotions feeling over better. Dugaan dalam hidup dan friendship bukan mudah dan menyeronokkan. Maybe I've never had the hardest trial or testing in my life. And friendship but just thinking about some of the things I have endured brings tears to my eyes.

Tak ada siapa dalam dunia ni akan berkata hidup ini mudah. Dan tak ada perkara yang mudah when u want to achieve something. Faith brings strength for coping with life's trials, Insya'Allah. For the past few days, months I have learned to control my temper. I can't control my emotions. And my bf always getting mad at me when I act like this. I couldn't care less how someone's speaks, so I'm just being silent. Being silent doesn't mean that I'm a coward. I'm being silent because I have to prevent myself from dealing with people with a low mentality. Attention seeking is just pathetic. So pathetic. High school drama is overrated. I'm tired of arguing over the small and stupid stuff. I'm letting goof old hate and grudges. I'm forgiving all who have offended me, not for them but for myself.

Why get pissed off when people talk trash? Let them be, the truth will come out in the end and it's not like they are trying to physically hurt you or anything. Be nice to people but be strong at the same time and people will not only respect you but they will like you as well. So if you want people who jaga ur hati dan perasaan, u have to respect them too. " Kalau takda angin, takkan pokok bergoyang" :) So if u get a damn, don't ever asking why why and so on :)

For my family and friends, thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in all the way. Either read it or not, it's doesn't matter. Just want to say thank youuu! I really appreciate it. Readers, have faith to Allah SWT. Hope come when we trust Allah SWT with things we can't understand. Even when we can't see it. He is at work on our life. listening to problems, comforting and healing our heart. Make a du'a, perform solat and insya'Allah. Allah SWT is always with us.
p/s : sorry if entry this time macam rojak -_-


greenailin said...

teruskan berblog yaya.....
yeah u right yaya...dugaan & cabaran ni la yg akan m'matangkan kita....tapi dlm kehidupan ini mmg x lari dgn masalah kan....yg penting, juz enjoy ur life....=)

Nadiya Hamed said...

yaps. kalau takda masalah takdalah kehidupan. eh betul ke i ckap neh. ekeke. thanks dear. I'll follow ur blog :)