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February 18, 2011

Ohseeemmm ! :)

I was pretty amazed when the first time watch this TV show. And I was thinking that, this is one such a brilliant TV show for kids. I'm sure that korang semua dah tau this reality TV show kan? But I just want to shared some laaa with u guys. Salute them. Maybe we should also have Junior Master chef in Malaysia. Why not kan? Plus I rasa dah banyak kot TV show mcamni, at the end Malaysia buat jugak :) Kids as a chefs? Hurmm, pretty wowww.. The Australian children aged between 6 to 12 years old. Korang banyakkan age mcm dorang ni boleh memasak dengan pro tau. Bukan main masak2 meggi, masak air mcm kita. Haha! Seriously when I watch this TV show I feel ashamed to myself. Haha! ;))

ASTRO , Channel 711 .
the judges, and all the top 12 .
Nick, Cassidy, Jack, Isabella, Sofea, Anthony, Emily, Alex, Lucy, Prierre, Sam, Siena :)
The winner is Isabella. Thumbs up for Isabella. She deserve it. But actually firstly I was thot that Pierre will be the winner. But Isabella cooks delicious, amazing, beautiful and perfect. And she really really really deserve it. I just can't wait for the next season :)

Junior Master Chef Australia Finale, Season 1
pssst! : Actually I dah tengok awal awal kat youtube. Kahkahkah! :)

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