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February 17, 2011

Yeah Thursday !

cake, cheese boleh hilangkan stress. gambar hiasan ;p

Hye bloggers, today I'm just doing nothing. Just like a daily routine, basuh baju, kemas rumah, vakum, main tuchenggg and blogginggg! Hee, I don't know what I'am gonna to write actually. Well now it's almost evening and recently I've been thinking about friendship a lot. It's tearing me apart inside. A lot of unhappy things have happened over the past few days. I'm not going to pretend like it never happened. I don't like and hate arguing with my friends. I've learned a lot from the past. If I was wrong and messed up, I will apologize. What hurts the most is when someone just throw around the sort of harsh word. I'm always feeling down when I think about this over and over again, it's like I don't deserve this kind of treatment. I will remain silent, let the wind blow and leave the past behind. Maybe for some people, when shit happens diaorang akan ignore, ditch and tamo jadi rapat dengan orang tu dah. I'm a different person, I will always forgive and forget and akan stick dengan orang tu no matter how bad my heart is bruised or how much peoples hate me. I'm okay with it. Because one thing I pegang "kita tak sempurna, dan kita tak boleh buat semua orang sukakan kita. Mcam tu juga kita, tak semua orang kita suka dan selesa." Agree with that? Up to u guys, it's just my thought. And I don't like seriously telling my problem to my 'friends' so most of the time, I blog about it or just let it all out here. Lagilagi with someone yang I baru kenal. Maybe sekadar meluahkan perasaan. Biasalah bila dah berkawan ramai bergaul ramai, sometimes maksud kita lain, tapi orang cakap penyampaian tu jadi lain. I'm bet u guys do the same things too.

Lately, I've been annoyed with pretty much everyone. No, scratch that everyone. Some people laaa. And I think it's probably just hormones and whatnot. Someone thinks that everyone feels like this once in a while. People have limitations on how much they can handle. Some people have a low tolerance for ignorance and annoyance. I'm not going to talk withe the person or people about this. Enough is enough. Lazy to talk about this, I want to avoid conflict. I just ignore the people. Forgive and forget. Life goes on.

p/s : Entry ini tidak dituju kepada sesiapa. Sekadar bermuhasabah diri sendiri. Sama2 kita beringat. InsyaAllah :)


Hani said...

yup. forgive and forget. life must goes on. :)

Nadiya Hamed said...

thank you hani darling. mwahhx!

Anonymous said...


satu petang yg tenang uh?? ;p
rilex2 sajewwww(^o^)

Nadiya Hamed said...

shyg : <3