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February 16, 2011

Why so emo?

I am not being emo or whatsoever sooo fullstop. I would probably be a little bit upset. I'll be fine tomorrow after wake up. I am a very forgetful person indeed. So anything that happened to be recently, will automatically erase from my mind tomorrow. I'm not good enough perfect person and I don't want to be perfect plus there's nobody perfect in this world. If u don't give me a damn, I'll never act like this. And yes, maybe I'am not as good as you. And I'm not as perfect as you. So take it or leave it. I'll treat you as you treat me. Dear Allah please guide me and give me strength to face and carry on.. Amin

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Anonymous said...


will automatically erase from my mind tomorrow...
gud one dear ;p
rilex sajeww kan?? ;p