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February 28, 2011

This picture inspired me :)

I wish I can get a room like this. Feel like cursing. So sweet, soft, lovely, romantic. I kinda like this off white, soft red, pink and purple colors and attracted to light and night too. This is some of room decoration has inspired me to want to redecorate my room and do something a bit similar. I mean the combination of colors and super awesome wardrobe, lights, flower. Just a bit. Mom! Can I decorate my room just a little bit like this. Hee :))

all pictures it is just super cool. omg :) I love and I wanted those colors of this room. As I browse to my friend's Tumblr, I saw a lots of photos about this bedroom and its caught my attention.

bilik pengantin macam ni oh super sweeet. Soft, off white. me likey :D
love it ;)
I don't really love this type of room actually . But okay laa for bilik bujang. Ahaha :)
And this too also. I just love the pink and purple combination colors.
twinkle twinkle bedroom. look more romantic. super likey :)


ayuorked said...

mcm best je :)

Nadiya Hamed said...

macam lah kan? hehe :)

Mar Zarra said...


Nadiya Hamed said...

cantik kann? sweet :)

Anonymous said...


gurl stuff~~
aah purple+pink are good combination ;p

Dawa said...

lawa, nmpk kemewahan di situ. tp klu nak tgk yg lagi best, jom ke Ekspresi Ruang :)