Thank You Followers

March 12, 2011


Salam. Happy Weekend everyone. And not to forget Happy School Holiday! Seronok lah my sister cuti sekolah. Hihi :DD. So yesterday, I had a very super simple dinner date. I love it. Syg asked me to choose the venue for us to have dinner. There's a lot of variety of food in Kuala Lumpur. Heaven food. But suddenly I feel like want to dinnet at this one place. Very memorable place for me. Evntho it's just like gerai makan. But so memorable. I said to him that I wanna eat chicken chop at this restaurant somewhere at damansara. He gave me this weird expression at first because he actually wanna take us dinner at somewhere else because he want to celebrate our monthly anniversary but he finally said okay. Anything for you as long as you happy. Hahaha. Sorry and thank you awak. And thank you so much. There's nothing special with the chicken chop or the restaurant actually. But he knew why, hee. The only reason I wanna eat at that restaurant is because the restaurant is where we had our special moments years ago. When we first met and know each other. Ah, I still remember that moments. Still fresh in my mind. I'm super happy! We eat and talk and laugh non-stop while grabbing a bite to eat. Dan saya tapau makanan saya sebab tak habis lagi banyak sangat cakap. Bahaha :)

muka tak puas hati bila nak cakap dia nak cakap. grrrr :|
when is my turn? durh! :)

After that, we went to hartamas. Untuk apa lagi, social life laa haha. Shisha, meet some friends there. You know what, on our way to hartamas I eat my meal, the one I tapau sebab tak habis tadi tuu. Aahaha. Annoying kan? Actually I'm super kaki makan, makan banyak tapi dalam kuantiti sikit. Maksudnya, once makan akan cepat kenyang. Dan bila cepat kenyang akan cepatlah laparnya balik kans?. Lol . Overall, even kat mana kita makan, kita spend our quality time with him. itu lebih membahagiakan dari yang lain. makan kat manamana pon boleh ikut kemampuan, tapi the moment kita bersama dgn org yang kita syg lebih bermakna dr segalanya kan. ceits, Haha. Buut it's the truth :) Thank you again sayang for everything. Even that was just one date, but I'm so happy and it was memorable! ;)

My dear syg, thank you for the dinner, the cuppycakes, the time, the sweet love, and everything. More important things, thank for the lovely portrait picture. Till we meet dating again. Take care dear and have a safe journey :) With full of ♥


ezy eizyanie said...

suke sweet couple ni la
happy monthly anniversary 2 u sis

(sorry y 1st td typo.xyah publish.ekekeke)

NH said...

darl ezy, hehe. okay tak publish dah. huhu. thank you. sihatkah? lama senyap.

ezy eizyanie said...

bz la sis.
final skrg

ezy eizyanie said...

sihat jela sis
sis. ada ur pic fb tuh kat macy serdang ea?
best x kat situ?

cik nur said...

yang penitng dua2 hari bahagia sudah la yer :D

NH said...

ezy : ohh Macy yek? best best ;) sama lebih krg mcm ssf juge. hehe :) hamboi dia busy buat apa la tu yea. hehe

nur : thank you nurr ;)

ezy eizyanie said... dating.ekeke.
skrg bz final la sis. sibuk wat model making
ush. g macy xbgtaw. org kat depan macy je pown