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April 13, 2011

Getting One Year Older :)

DingDongDingDong! Someone's birthday today :))

To someone who deserve to get this special wish from me. A hero is someone who is there. Firstly I want to say that, I'm really sorry. && one thousand apologies. For this year, there's no surprise birthday celebration for u my dear. Since you're not in KL and since I'm having a bad financial problem. I'm really sorry :'|

Actually two weeks ago, I was planning something simple and something that he can remember. Every once awhile it's a fun to throw a surprise birthday celebration for someone you love. But maybe this time takda rezeki for u and us to celebrate together like last year.

I just love the way you are. I love you .

Dear sayang, this is for you. I know, maybe I'm not good enough perfect for you. And there's nobody perfect kan? But I do love you a lot. Always give my best for u and this relationship. Thank You for always supporting me in everything I do. You've inspired me to do my best in everything. Happy Birthday again Shayang. May Allah SWT grant you with good health, grant you speedy recovery and grant you long life. Amin. May all your wishes come true, may happiness surround you always, not just for today. Iloveyou! :)

| iloveyouandhaveahappybirthdaysayang |

yourlove ,
| nadiahamed |
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dark r0se said...

selamat hari lahir jugak! moga hubungan korang kekal hingga ke akhirnyer! amin ya rabbb~;)

NH said...

amin ya rabbana a'lamin. thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

heee.. how sweet! happy birthday kat bf nadia juge.. semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat hendaknya.. aminnn.. :))

NH said...

babe : oh my sayang, bila u ada blog ni? eee, ngengada tau. blog dia comel pulak tuww. babe, thanks for ur wishes dear. amin sgtsgt. u pon, i nak tengok baby nanti tau :)) love u babe! <3

Anonymous said...

ahaks, baru je la babe . . baru dua hari.. boleh tak tetibe gedik nak ade blog.. tah nape tah i neh . . i pon pelik huhu . . i rase kejab je ni kot.. da bosan nanti i tinggal la. kikiki...
haaa, sureee! tp kene tunggu baby kua la dulu baru u ley tgk.. ehe ;)

Anonymous said...


hahahahh!! ;p
tenkiee alots mydear!! ;p
waa terharuu~~
thx for the advance celebrate!!!!
the delicious,and many more!
awesome!! ;p
really had great time with u..
its really meaningful to me!!
thx god..thx mydear!!
mudah2an dipanjangkan umur+murah rezeki! (haha wish kt diri sendiri)
pape pn,tq for everything mydear!!!
love u more!!getting harder!!


Anonymous said...


its really awesome!!!!! ;p
thx for advance celebrated!! ;p
its really meaningful to me mydear!!
thx god..thx to mydear!! ;p
thx for delicious and many more~
thx for everything!!
sgtt menghargai!!
moga dipanjangkan umur + murah rezeki (haha wish diri sendiri)
pape pn,thx give me a happiness!
u're like sparkling sunshine teletubies!! hahaha!!
toin..toink.. ;p